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Computer History Videos

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"The Machine that Changed The World" was a series produced in 1992 by WGBH and the BBC. Each episode lasts about 55 minutes. The series covers the history of computers through the early 1990s (just before the World Wide Web and graphical web browsers became widely popular).


The Machine that Changed the World:  Episode 1

The Machine that Changed the World:  Episode 2

The Machine that Changed the World:  Episode 3

The Machine that Changed the World:  Episode 4

The Machine that Changed the World:  Episode 5


Program Guide for The Machine that Changed the World:  http://ei.cs.vt.edu/~history/TMTCTW.html


The YouTube Channel for the Computer History Museum has a huge collection of historic information as well as more recent interviews with many pioneers of computer history


The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) is thought by many to be the true, first general purpose electronic computer, although ENIAC's inventors got their invention patented first.  Here is a film from the Computer History Museum demonstrating a working replica of the ABC.  You can see vacuum tubes, a punched card reader, and

Remington-Rand Presents the Univac (film from 1950-1952; 17:32)


A video created in 2009 showing someone programming on a 1984 Apple IIe...just like my first students at Park school



How Computers Work:  Journey into the Walk-Through Computer (1990; 26:31)


Hear from one of the first woman programmers at IBM

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